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Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Trip to the DR

Brandon has croup:( (great guess, JennBecc!)

From the last time the babies were sick last year with RSV and since Zach was a baby, the advice nurse would always ask "does the cough sound like a seal?" Well, I heard the seal! (I thought everyone was nuts, my babies don't sound like seals!) I hear the seal when Brandon cries and definitely when he coughs.
Poor baby. He is on a steroid medicine and it should clear up in a few days.
Just before his appt., he fell and hit the edge of the coffee table! I had been afraid of that and thought about putting the table in storage. But the babies are really careful when they go from standing to sitting, I felt safe. Silly me. His boo boo could have been a lot worse. He has a nice looking swollen bruise and a little cut. Not a good day for Brandon!
Meanwhile Faith is still feverish and cuddly. I admit, I kinda like her reaction to being sick:)
Since they are attacking me, it's time to get off the computer again!! Any tips from the twin moms out there of how you use the computer WITHOUT being attacked??


Angel W said...

Poor babies. I hope they feel better soon!

jennbecc said...

It's cool that I was right...but I wish I wasn't. :( The boys had the liquid steriods too....then when they fussed I could blame it on Roid Rage! *L*

Greg & Joanna said...

Oh no!! Brody had croup last year, it was no fun. But I was surprised at how fast he bounced back from it. Hoping the same for Brandon! When it got bad we opened up the refrigerator and stuck his head in it, it helped. As far as the computer, ours is in our office where there is a baby gate. Or else there would be no way for me to get on it with 4 grubby hands reaching for it!