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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Scary Weather and Sick Babies

We had some bad weather yesterday! It was so strange. I was supposed to be napping. But I couldn't sleep. I noticed it was getting dark and gloomy outside so I stood up to go to the window and I told Scott I thought I should go to the bus stop to get Zach because it looked like rain. Just then, it became VERY windy! It started to rain hard. I saw white swirls of wind and rain whirl around the back. I said to Scott "a tornado is coming! We have to get the babies and go downstairs!" Scott, being the calm laid back one of the 2 of us, laughed and assured me a tornado was not coming. (just like he assured me I wasn't pregnant with twins) He stood up and joined me at the window and we both watched as part of our fence blew down. I noticed the time and ran out of the house in my pjs, in the blustery puring down rain, hopped in the truck and drove to the bus stop with limited visibility. There I sat, in my SOAKING WET pjs, waiting for 20 minutes while watching lightning rods and listening to warnings on the radio stating to leave your vehicle and seek shelter. I was not the only frantic parent out there. There were many!! But the other frantic parents all drove away after 10 minutes. Finally, when I was the last frantic parent there, I drove home. Scott had the babies up and told me that the school called to state they were on lockdown until the storm passed. I should have had my cell phone:)
When Zach finally came home from school, it was obvious he was nervous. He told me that the school told them they had to stay for a bit, then they had the students go to the hall way and assume the tornado drill position they had practiced many times before. He told me his whole class cried, including him. :( He said you could hear crying students throughout the halls and teachers trying to calm them down. HOW HEARTBREAKING!! I assured him everything was ok and we were all safe.

Later in the evening, Faith was a bit fussy and when I picked her up she just cuddled up against me. She was perfectly content lying on me with her arms holding me. Now if you know Faith, you know that she is not my "cuddly" baby. She is always on the go. She does want to be picked up a lot but she wants to be played with, tickled, thrown up in the air, etc. She never just lets us hold her and cradle her. Not her style! So, with that said, I knew something was not right. She felt warm. I took her temp and it was 102. Not horribly high for a baby, but she was not feeling well obviously. Brandon also has been running a low grade fever, but I assumed it was associated with teething as he has been drooling BUCKETS! I gave them each Tylenol and put them to bed. An hour later, they were crying. Faith was still burning up. The Tylenol didn't bring her fever down! Weird. Brandon sounded terrible! All of a sudden, without any symptoms leading up to it, he sounded like he was having a hard time breathing. He has a small infrequent cough that sounds very dry. His voice and cry sounds horrible, like he is losing his voice. I didn't get my nap before work and it was a long night with constant wake ups. I had to stay up to work any way, but I sure was worried.
Today, so far, they seem to be in good spirits. Still with low grade fevers, but happy playing. I am going to call the Dr about Brandon's voice or lack of.

Gotta go!


Angel W said...

Oh.... what a day! I am so glad everyone is okay!

jennbecc said...

Yikes! So glad that everyone is ok. Maybe Brandon has guys got that last summer. Zack sounded like a baby seal when he coughed. It was so sad.... :(

Katie said...

The weather was so crazy that day. I was on lock-down at an elementary school in Centreville at the time. Scary stuff. I'm so glad you are all okay. We didn't have any damage, so we were lucky. Sorry to hear about your fence!

BTW... LOVE the new house!!! ;)