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Monday, June 30, 2008

Making Progress

So far, we have packed 5 boxes. Today we tackled 2 "big" projects. We took down Zach's bunk beds and emptied and cleaned out the aquarium.

This was Zach's room before

This is his room now.. we also took everything off his walls and emptied his closet.

This was the liv rm with the aquarium

This is what it looks like now! Basically, a play room with a couch. LOL

More to be done tomorrow!


jennbecc said...

I'm sitting here at my sisters in Washington and looked at your pictures...then realized that you have the EXACT same couch as my sister....I'm looking at it right now. *LMAO* Weird...I'll try to get a picture for you before I leave's too dark right now. Glad the packing has started! :) YIPPEE!!

Jill said...

How exciting!!!!! Soon you'll be unpacking! lol