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Monday, May 12, 2008

House Hunting TAKE 5 (skipped 4)

Today was our 5th day out!! We had gone to Frederick on Friday. Took a 2nd look at a house we like there and found another house we like a lot there. Today, we went back out to the Bristow and Manassas area to look. For commuting purposes, it would be better to stay around here, close to rt 66. We have 2 favorites today. We are having a hard time deciding between the 2, we like them both so much. We are thinking about putting another offer down. But which one???


Beautiful on the outside! Has a front porch to sit on.

Love the kitchen! I am a fan of granite counter tops. The family room back there does have a higher than normal ceiling which I love.

The basement appears to be large enough to suit our needs. Plus, it has a full bath and a separate room for a play room.

Ah - this is the back! Pool and hot tub. Many pros and cons. The biggest "con" is a pool requires REGULAR maintenance! Like every 2-3 days! Can we handle that in our lives right now? Plus we would have to buy a safety gate/net asap to protect the kids. Some pros would be hours of fun, pool parties, sun bathing... hmmmmmmmmm...

House 2 - Look familiar?

ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL on the outside!!! This is the same model and floor plan as the "dream house". Only this house is the basic house without all the upgrades that the dream house had. Like granite counters, ceiling fans, sky lights, screened in porch....

I can make this kitchen beautiful!! A lot of white. Open for any theme I choose. Coke again? Or COFFEE?

This is my FAVORITE part of this house. A loft (bonus room) looking over the family room with cathedral ceilings. LOVE IT!

My 2nd favorite part is the stair case. I just love this curved stair case! Even tho this house doesn't have all the upgrades that the "dream house" had, this house has SO much potential and I think we would have a wonderful time turning it into our dream home. It is empty and ready to move in. Brandy new carpet on the stairs and upstairs and on the stairs going into the basement. There are 4 bedrooms upstairs PLUS the loft. The basement is HUGE!!! It has a full bath and a lot of it is tiled. However, there are 2 areas that have plain "school" like linoleum. We would carpet those areas. PLUS also in the basement is 3 little rooms with doors. 3 more rooms!! They are small but one could be a spare bedroom with a bed? I don't know but ONE would be a scrapbook room!!!

So there ya go. They both cost the same. One needs some work and one already has the cutest rooms painted with pretty colors, crown moulding, ceiling fans, and a pool.

The one that needs work is HUGE! It will be beautiful even before we have the $$$ to add furniture and window treatments. The work needed is purely cosmetic:)



Angel W said...

I like house #2, but I think you'll have a beautiful home whichever one you choose! I can't wait to see your new house!!!

Anonymous said...

Go for the one without the pool it is just a better idea with the small tots and you know if they love the bath then you know they will the pool

Anonymous said...

I think both are beautiful . . but you seem to talk more about the things you like with house #2. And you wouldn't have that pool to worry about. Your call though. You let me know which one you're going to buy and I'll buy the other one. ;-) . . . .hahaha ~Lucy~

LOCnHEART said...

I agree with the other comments, Peg. The one with the pool is too dangerous for your world as it is at present. You have a hot tub now and you're not able to find the time to GO in it let alone maintain it! And besides, working with a "canvas" you can decorate it any way you want as you pointed out in the kitchen of that home. Which ever one you both decide on, will truly be the right one for all of you! We love U! Mom

Jess, Jessica, Jessi, I have many names said...

I would say house Number 2. IT may not be as flashy but its something that you can make more of your own.