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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sunday Comics

Taking a Bath

BRANDON: Ok, I can do this. How is this? Too warm? A little cooler? How about that?

FAITH: Oh, ok.. NO! That's too hot. Ok, a little better.. TOO COLD! No wait, ok.. that's just right.

BRANDON: I'll get the soap and shampoo

FAITH: I think we are suppose to use this thing

BRANDON: Woah! Oh, hello! What is this?


BRANDON: You missed a spot! Here, I will get it.

FAITH: Thanks bro!

BRANDON: This is all we got? Our bath toys are LAME!

FAITH: Yeah, we need mommy to take us back to the big store with the giraffe


Angel W said...

Did your cleaning service do the tub? It's so white and shiny. I need a cleaning service! KEVIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And the babies are once again, the cutest! You know I love your praodies!

jennbecc said...

You're funny! I love tub pictures and the AWKWARD moment was hilarious!