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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Rainy Day

Print by Artist: Alexander Volkov

Just a couple days ago, it was 77 degrees! Today it is in the low 40s with a cold rain and sleet! I went to the store and came back and had to change my clothes, they were so wet and cold. The babies are still wearing their new fleece jammies so they are nice and cozy. I changed into sweat pants. I rented movies at the store. So, I just had to blog really quick to say that sometimes, I LOVE rainy days when we can stay in our warm cozy home while we see and hear the rain outside. We can pop popcorn, kick back and watch movies! Ahhh! Well, this is all after the babies go to bed. LOL

1 comment:

Angel W said...

Maybe this is what I will do today. It's cold and rainy here.