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Monday, January 7, 2008

GUESS Who Cut a Tooth?

You guessed Brandon, right? WRONG!! FAITH cut her first tooth! I was shocked! Brandon has gone through such a rough time, while Faith hasn't changed a bit. I didn't even feel that her gums were swollen. We went to breakfast at IHOP yesterday, and I decided to put a little tiny bit of whip cream on my finger and let her try it, when I felt it! (yes, I know I am not supposed to give my baby whipped cream, but keep up with the story!) I was so excited! Brandon still has his swollen gums, really swollen on the side the tooth is coming. I can't find the "white dot" I thought I saw before, and I definitely do not feel a sharp tooth poked through. But I know its right there! They are opposite of each other. Brandon's will be his left and Faith's right tooth has cut through.

Oh - this is off the tooth subject, but I was looking online for good baby shoes to learn how to walk in. I bought Stride Rite with Zach, but I was reading about pedipeds and I think I like these better. I know, they are not even crawling and I want to get them walking shoes. I just like to look in the future!


Angel Wilde said...

I guessed it would be Faith. Goes to prove girls can handle the pain. :-)
HEY! What happened to SONday?

jennbecc said...

YEAH FAITH! Pretty soon she's going to have a cheesy grill full of teeth like my guys! It sure makes them look older!

Jill said...

Thats so funny! (and I dont think anything is wrong with a little whipped creme - since i've done it - ha ha)

N&C are the same way. She got her lower left tooth and he his lower right tooth first. opposites.

Also we bought Robeez for their first shoes and I like them a lot too. They are easy to put on, stay on and they can cruise in them since they have a leather bottom for gripping.