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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

What a Day!

Good News & Bad News

The good news is Faith finally rolled over!! Brandon has been rolling over for over a month now. I didn't see it happen the 1st time, they were on a blanket on the living rm floor playing and I was sitting right there signing last minute cards and I looked up to see her on her tummy! I was so excited. I called Scott to tell him. I put her back on her back and while I was on the phone with Scott, she rolled again! She did it a couple more times so I think she's got it:)

The bad news is Zach cut his forehead open at school. (Tuesday) It was scary! He was due home in 15 minutes when I received the call from the school nurse saying he fell and hit his head and might need stitches. I said I would be right there. Then I look at my babies... 1 in pjs and 1 in just a onesie and suddenly I feel like I can't move fast enough! Plus, the truck was parked down the street and I had to run and get it. I think I only took 10 minutes to get the babies in their coats and car seats and get them in the truck. When I got there, Zach was sitting with the nurse and his teacher. He had a big band aid on his forehead and he looked sad/scared/disoriented. I asked a lot of questions. Apparently, while the kids were in the classroom waiting to go out to the bus, they were playing around and Zach slipped on a puddle of water and fell into the corner of a formica counter top (where the classroom sink was) His teacher was so upset, she burst into tears, saying she was sorry. I told her it wasn't her fault, I know kids get hurt! I felt bad for her! The nurse helped us to the car (she pushed the stroller for me) and off we went to the drs. Well, 1st I stopped at the house and ran in to get the diaper bag, bottles and formula. All the while I was on the phone with a triage nurse. When we got there, we were in their "procedure" room and a nurse was taking off his band aid. She looked shocked. I guess I didn't know what to expect. It was the deepest cut I have ever seen! It looked like a big fleshy hole in my sons head. Zach could see the look on my face, plus my gasp and covering my mouth.. he said "WHAT?" I realized my reaction might be freaking him out so I told him what a cool cut he had:) Plus the school nurse had already told him that he made school history with that cut! They had to clean the wound, and that was the hardest part for Zach. He was squeezing my hand and his body was trembling. I felt so bad for him:( Now mind you, I still have the babies with me... Faith had started to fuss so I was holding her while holding Zach's hand. Thank God Brandon was self amused in his stroller, eating the straps:) The dr felt the cut could be glued together instead of stitched. This will mean less of a scar and no pain to Zach. She used Dermabond skin adhesive which is basically like really strong super glue. I wish they had that stuff when I was a kid! So now it looks like a normal cut (instead of a fleshy hole) and it has a "plastic" look to it. The glue will fall off in about 7 - 10 days, and by then the wound will have started healing from the inside. Zach will be able to go to school tomorrow and participate in his classroom Christmas party! His teacher will be happy to see him there. We got home an hour PAST feeding time. The babies were surprisingly happy. So, after all that excitement, I was extremely tired. Scott was home before I knew it and it was off to bed for my 3 hour nap:)


Angel Wilde said...

Wow.... that was enough excitement for one day asn't it? I hope Zach is back to himself today!

jennbecc said...

OMG! How scary for you and Zach! I'm glad he's ok and glad that the babies cooperated so you could be there for Zach when he needed you most. PHEW!!!

Jill said...

oh wow! scary! Thats funny how the call from school said he "might need stitches". Probably to keep you from freaking out on the way there! Hope he heals quick!