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Sunday, December 9, 2007


Hi my name is Zach. Many of you know me. But for once I am going to talk about whats on my mind. Every Sunday I will post on my moms blog. This is the first time ever so hope you like it!

I LOVE wrestling! Some of my favorite wrestlers are BoogyMan,Kane, Batista, Rey Mysteireo, Hornsloglle and John Cena. But my favorite wrestler is The Undertaker! I like him because hes the Phenom and the dead man. And thats it for the main story on SONday.

This week on the Brandon Report he Cried A LOT!!! He also pooped played and Smiled Thats it for this Weeks Brandon Report.


Mommy said...

Great first post! I love the pictures you took. I am proud of you:)

The Great Kali said...

You will never beat me! I totally beat up the Wussytaker every time we have a match!

Good luck on your future posts!

Jill said...

Very cool blog. I like the pictures you posted. :) Can't wait to see what you write next sunday!

Angel Wilde said...

That's a great post, Zach! I am looking forward to Sonday every Sunday! And your mom told me you took the pictures for your post too! You are a great photographer!!

Tiff said...

Good job on your first post!!! And nice to meet you! Hope to see more of you here!

Amanda and Brian said...

Great first post Zach! At first I thought this was yours Peggy and I was wondering about how much you love wrestling! Haha!