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Monday, December 31, 2007

Pics of My Kiddies and New Years Resolutions

I thought Zach should use this pic for his SONday post, but he doesn't like it becuase he thinks he doesn't look good. I LOVE it because he looks my cute, innocent little boy. Both are my cute innocent little boys:)

Brandon and Faith are very often caught looking like this... arm in arm or holding hands or sharing a toy. Warms our hearts!! Of course, they are also caught biting each other, scratching each other, stealing each other's toys...

Brandon is doing SO WELL eating solids now! Now he yells at us when we give Faith a turn:)

Daddy is trying to feed Faith, but she keeps turning her head to look at me causing the food to go all over her face:) Maybe she is wondering why I am sitting there taking pictures.


  1. Get more sleep
  2. Lose pregnancy weight!
  3. Find more alone time with my hubby (this might cut into my sleep)
  4. Catch up in scrapbooking
  5. Go back to Church! Get Scott to go with me.
  6. Drink more water, less soda
  7. Save more $$, spend less!
  8. Keep my car clean LOL (hubby had it cleaned inside and out yesterday and it looks and smells GREAT!)
  9. Keep my HOUSE clean and laundry kept up! (yeah right)
  10. Put my kids FIRST (I always try to do this) stick with the babies schedules, attend ALL of Zach's basketball games!

Well, it will be interesting to see what I actually accomplish on this list!


Angel Wilde said...

Except for the sleeping part, our lists will look similiar. I need to sleep less! Don't be jealous though, cuz I would rather be with your babies! I can't wait to see ya!

Jill said...

those are nice resolutions Peggy! :) And I love the little hats on the babies - and Zach looks innocent and cute too (but he probably wouldn't want to be known as anything but manly) lol :)

jennbecc said...

Great resolutions BBBFF. Can you write me a list too? Glad Brandon is getting better with the solids. Pretty soon he'll be like Zack and yelling at you to shovel it in faster and not feed Faith at all.