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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Fun Blog Posts

Good Morning! I have missed the last 2 nights from work as I am sick and the only possible way for me to get rest is to call in and stay home. I simply can not get rest during the day with the babies! I think I am feeling better, but not totally. I am going to go to work tonight no matter what, tonight is my "friday" night any way. I can make it through. The babies are getting better too. Faith was never as sick as Brandon, so we didn't have to give her breathing treatments. I would give her the end of Brandon's just to help her. Brandon has really been our sick little guy:( But I am happy to report that he is getting better! We have gone from 4 treatments a day to just one. They both still have yucky coughs.

THE REASON for this post is to tell you that I am going to start "Wordless Wednesdays" and "Son Day Sunday". I have seen several blogs out there that have "wordless Wednesday" posts. Basically, they just post a picture and do not post any words. This may be hard for me as I love to talk. LOL "Son Day Sunday" is something I made up. My son Zach just loves my blog so I am giving him a day to post his thoughts. That day will be Sunday! I tried to put together a husband post day, but he is not biting:) He said he will start in 2009. LOL


Zach said...

Son Sunday is all about me!!!
There will be something Diffrent each weak. And there will be the same things each Weak. I will tell you whats the main thing each weak right hear in the commets. This weak is Wesiling (WWE) So loke here at webb mainia and find out things about me. Watch out Webb Mainia veirs here I come!!!

Angel Wilde said...

This is EXCITING! I will LOVE to read Zach's posts! I wish I could get my kids to post on my blog!