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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Memories

Ok, we are getting down to the wire. I am going to mention several small memories from different years in this post.

This is a silly memory: As a teenager I asked my Dad for some "boys" for Christmas, so when I woke up I saw different teen magazines all around the living room opened to different teen idols I liked at the time. I thought this was VERY creative!

Christmas time at my Grandparents house was always the best. 1 year my Grandma and I made garland from popcorn and cranberries. This was the most beautiful tree in my memory! I hope to do the same with my kids when the twins are a bit older. Also, my Grandmother made me drink 1 full glass of milk every Chrismtas morning I spend at her house before I was allowed to open any presents. Even as an adult, I still had to drink that glass of milk:)

ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVORITE CHRISTMAS MEMORIES - When Zach was just a baby.. in fact it was his first Christmas, so he was 6 months old. I went to work one morning to find there was a "GAP" bag under my desk. I opened the bag and it was full of clothes from Baby Gap. Tehre was a letter inside that had been typed, not writte, "In the spirit of the Holiday Season, please accept these clothes for your son Zach. Please do not ask who they are from, just know that they are from ...Santa." I still have this letter. I was a single mother and did not have a lot of money. I had tears in my eyes! I can not describe the feeling I had. I try to do the same for people in need every year.

First and 2nd Christmas with Scott. All of our Christmas' have been special, don't get me wrong. The first Christmas, we had just been dating a couple months. He showered Zach and I with gifts and spent Christmas with us. He made us feel special:)
The 2nd year, we went to his house for Christmas. Now, being a bachelor, he did not normally decorate or put up a tree. But this year he surprised us by putting up and decorating a tree. We baked Christmas cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve and just had a wonderful time all together.

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Jill said...

very nice memories!!! thanks for sharing! that GAP bag of clothes was sooooo nice!