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Friday, November 30, 2007

Our Babies are Sick!

It started with a little cold, and it just got worse. They each had terrible coughing fits and we could hear the cold was in their chests. I was scared they were having trouble breathing. This is their 2nd cold this season, and when I called the advice nurse about the 1st cold she basically told me they can't give them medicine and we just need to wait it out. We used a humidifier and vapor everything, and they got better on their own! This time, after getting freaked out by some horrible "wet" coughing fits, I called and told them they need to be seen. I told Scott I bet they have Bronchiolitis, because Zach had it several times as a baby. Well, they did have Bronchiolitis! You can read about Bronchiolitis here. Brandon had a worse case and had a treatment while we were there which really helped out his breathing a lot! We were sent home with a nebulizer for each of them to give them albuterol/saline breathing treatments. Brandon had a treatment this morning (pictured above). It doesn't sound like Faith needs one yet today. I am so glad we went to the dr. I really don't want to take them out of the house, but I have to take Zach to a Basketball thing tomorrow! I might ask a friend to take him:( The same friend had Zach most of the day yesterday. I will be getting her family a fruit basket or something for Christmas, as they are really helping me out!


Angel Wilde said...

Oh.... poor babies. :-( I remember those breathing treatment days. Jake and Brian had to have them as babies and up to about their teens. It's so sad to see Brandon with the Nebulizer though.

RockettGal11 said...

So sorry to hear they are sick. Seems a loto f babies are coming down with viruses and colds right now. My son just got over his 1st cold a month ago and it was hard!


Amanda said...

Aww...It is so sad to see Brandon have to have that. I'm sorry they are so sick. I hope they get better soon. Hang in there Peggy!

jennbecc said...

UGH Peggy....I'm so sorry for you and the babies. :( My guys have another cold, but it doesn't seem to be much...especially compared to the V&D they had. I pretty much expected that they would come down with something though because of our trip to DL. Anyway....ugh. And here is a little tidbit that their doc told me yesterday at their 10 month checkup....babies will pretty much be sick from October through March every year. SWEET! He said they will get a new cold about every two weeks and it takes 2 weeks to get over constant suffering for months. *shudder at the thought* GOOD TIMES! :) Hope they're back normal soon!!