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Friday, October 5, 2007

A Visit from Memay & Grandad!

Memay & Grandad came to visit yesterday! We had so much fun. Memay & I even left Grandad alone with the kids for almost an hour while we shopped a little and picked up dinner. We came home to a quiet house, all the kids were happy. Good job Grandad! Memay gave me a pink ribbon toothbrush and I gave her a pink ribbon coffee mug. Happy Pink October Memay! Brandon and Faith were smiley and cute. Although Brandon was a little bit fussy, but he was good for the most part. Zach was very excited and as you can see in the picture, he never left Grandad's lap. I was feeling so lazy prior to their visit, that I didn't even put cute little outfits on the babies! Can you believe it? Everyone dresses their babies up for their grandparents! But we will all see each other again this Saturday at the Apple Butter Festival in WV. Of course the babies will be dressed up then, gotta get prepared for all the comments. "Are they twins?" "Both boys?" Both girls?" Both yours?" So stay tuned for pics of the Apple Butter Fest!

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