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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pumpkin Patch Smiles and Tears

We went to the pumpkin patch today JUST because I wanted adorable pumpkin patch scrapbook pages:) Well, the pics did not come out like I imagined. Brandon was NOT happy. It was close to feeding time. It just worked out that way. It was the only time in the day that we had the time to go! It was close to home so even tho I had bottles with me, we waited to feed them when we got home. So if Brandon looks ticked off in all of these pictures, that's why:) Zach is happy! He finally got to pick out a pumpkin. Now I have to carve it. Yuck. I really stink at it!

Zach slides down head first.

Daddy and Faith

Mommy and Brandon

Not happy!

Brandon fell:)

Are we done yet?

I gave up after this picture.

Zach always cooperates with me and my camera:)


Angel Wilde said...

At least you'll have something to journal about! I think the pics are cute!

jennbecc said...

Brandon is quite a weeble wobble! *L* Faith is very obliging though...she will be a scrap booker some day...she appears to know how important cute pictures are. :) I wish we had a cool slide like that at our patch. I'd have left the boys with my hubby and slid all the live long day!!!