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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

High Chairs

We bought 2 of these high chairs today! Isn't it nice? I was surprised we were able to get wooden ones, they are usually very expensive. This particular one is on sale now and with the twins discount on top, we paid $89 each. Still expensive, I know. It's all my fault. I accept LOTS of hand me downs, I LOVE hand me downs and free stuff and good deals! But certain things I think should match. To me, a high chair is a piece of furniture. It is going to be a part of your kitchen or dining room for a long time. I am not saying they need to match the decor in your home, but they need to match each other! Scott really wanted to buy used from Craig's list. I love Craig's list, but I did not want to buy 2 seperate high chairs that did not match.
Babies R Us did not have them in stock, so I still have to wait for a week before I can pick them up. Brandon and Faith are excited. They are! I told them they will be here in a week and they smiled and wiggled their legs. That's excitement:)

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