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Thursday, October 4, 2007


Looky what I have! Are there Zelda fans out there? I have played a few Zelda games. I am still in the process of Zelda Twilight Princess for Gamecube, but I haven't touched it since the babies were born. Now Zach's Gamecube is broken! My favorite Zelda game was The Wind Waker. Well, guess what? Phantom Hourglass is a continuation of the Wind Waker! AND its on DS which means its small, hand held and I CAN PLAY IT AT WORK!! (no baby interruptions) If my manager is reading this than no, I am not really playing a game at work. LOL
This is the coolest Zelda so far! The entire game is played with the Nintendo DS's stylus, which is different and I like it. Also, the DS has a microphone and the game will have you speak or blow into the mic to open doors and "blow out" flames. How cool is that? The only problem is I look like a real fool sitting here speaking to and blowing on my game. Today is Thursday so it is my weekend! I bet I end up playing this game a lot of it:) But first, I will SLEEEEEEEEEP. Please babies, please let Mommy sleep today! I am so so so tired. On the plus side, Memay and Grandad are coming to visit! YAY! That will give me a 2nd wind no matter how tired I am. The babies will just love to see them and Zach is so very excited.
Have a wonderful day all!

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