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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

BitterSweet Reunions

Zach & his cousin Christopher

My cousin Erin and I

My cousin Devon's twins, Angellica and Adriana (not sure if I spelled their names correctly)
Myself with 2 of my sisters, Lynn and Angela. (Patti is not in the picture)

My Grandmother's service was on Saturday September 15th. It was a beautiful service! Although it was a sad occasion, I felt a sense of peace at the funeral. I know my Grandmother is "home" in a better place now and I know she would have been pleased with her service.

Funerals bring family and friends together so I always bring my camera. Here are only a few pictures taken. I have many more! I did have a really pretty picture of my cousin Devon with her mom, my Aunt Ellen, but for some reason it did not save on my blog. I usually post my blog entries from the office and I save any pictures used from home, prior to coming into the office. I guess what I am saying is I lost the picture, but I do still have it at home. I will email pictures to my family when I have a moment at my home computer. Everyone asked about the babies. I saw many relatives that have never seen the babies. And I did not even have pictures with me! Part of me wishes that I had brought the twins, but I know it would have been hard. I should have brought pictures at least:(

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