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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Angel's Visit

Angel has gone back home:( It has been a great week with her visiting. I could have spent more time with Angel if I did not have to work, but our time spent together was nice. Here are some photos from the week:

On Monday we went to the Serenity Day Spa for facials, pedicures and manicures. It was WONDERFUL!! They really know how to pamper you here. We felt as if we were living a life of luxury. This was a girls day. We went out to breakfast, did the spa and went shopping. Scott stayed home with the kids.

Scott and I had a 2nd night out on Friday when we went to see the Murder Mystery show with dinner, which was his Anniversary gift from me. I took this picture of us.

Angel, the kids and I went to the back to school open house. This school was just built over the summer!
This is Zach with his new teacher.

Angel was so helpful this week. She wanted to push the stroller.

Angel and Faith. Faith was wearing an Angel shirt!

Feeding the babies while out to lunch. This is what happens if you want to stay out for more than 3 hours!

Angel loves her Godbabies

This is the huge mess Angel and I made on my table. Can you tell what we were doing? Angel is gone now but my table still looks this way:) I was hoping it would inspire me to do some more scrapbooking before putting it all away.

We also did some shopping this week at ScrapbooksPlus and Recollections.

We went out to eat a lot this week. Wendy's, IHOP, Daily Grind, CiCi's and our favorite, Eggspectations.

Zach had the best week visiting his Godmother. Angel took Zach around to different places to get the best deals in school supplies. She took him out for ice cream one night and they played board games on several nights. Zach cried after we dropped Angel off at the airport:(


Angel Wilde said...

Oh.... I miss you guys SO much. And especially my Zach!

Angel Wilde said...

I posted my weight loss challenge on my "other" blog with a link on my Angelosity blog.