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Friday, April 1, 2011

Watching Mommy's Shows

I have to DVR my shows - Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice because I need to sleep at 9 pm for work a few hours later. (altho I admit sometimes I sacrifice my sleep to watch them, and I ALWAYS regret it!!) So I usually watch my shows during the day on Friday. Today, a good friend came over to watch Greys with me, and after she left I wanted to watch Private Practice. The twins had been playing and keeping themselves occupied but that only lasts so long. They started fighting over a game. Then Brandon, giving up on the fight, wanted to watch his shows. So, as a compromise I said he could play games on my phone. I have this weird photo app that takes pics as if you were using a "retro" camera. So, he took this picture of me watching my show. Haha! I thought it was funny. He really knows how to use the apps on my phone and can navigate thru them well. That's so great cause we sometimes worry that he is so behind his sister, but I think instead, he just has a different way of thinking and he has different likes and dislikes. Don't worry, I do pay attention to my kids. After my show was over, we went out to play:)

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Not So Simply Single said...

I used to LOVE "Grey's Anatomy" but now I work on Thursday nights. That sucks.

Plus, I haven't quite gotten with the program and gotten a DVR yet. (I know, I know, I am behind the times) I would be a slave to the TV if I did that, trust me!

All I can say is kids will be kids! For sure!

Have a nice weekend...