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Saturday, March 5, 2011

What do I do With My Time?

I just spent a good bit of time reading my cousin's blog. She has a very moving and emotional story to tell, and altho some parts are sad, I just couldn't stop reading, as if I were reading a good book. (probably because she is a writer:)) I wasn't sure if my cousin wanted me to link back to her blog or give her a shout out to share her story or not, so I am leaving that information out. My sister Patti also had a good story to tell. She had a rough year but turned to God and God has answered their prayers.
I love blogging and reading other blogs when I have the time. Blogging is so therapeutic! I used to blog DAILY and now I just don't. I am trying to think of what has changed? Can't say its the twins, because I started my blog just after they were born. I think it's just ME and how I change my priorities in life constantly. Or it could be Facebook.. I know I am not alone in neglecting my blog when FB became popular. Also it could be that my laptop DIED last summer. I can only blog on my work pc (and I honestly don't like using my work PC for anything personal) or our home desktop pc. Well lets face it, I rarely get to use our desktop pc. One because it is in our room where hubby works M-F until 9 pm. And two because when he is not working, he is using the pc to play World of Warcraft. (grrr) But thats mostly at night - he spends time with the family. Not as bad as other WOW addicts!
I am trying to think of my daily routine. My days go by super fast because of my shift!!!
8:30 am - get off work. Turn Logan's lights on and say good morning. (bearded dragon) If its Wed I take out the trash. Grab a banana or something with low ww points and head upstairs to bed. Every day I find 3 giggling lumps in my bed. Pull down the blanket to find Daddy with the twins trying to "hide" from mommy. This never gets old:)
Family finally leaves room around 9:30 and I sleep til noon.
Noon: Wake up and go downstairs to my lil ones. We have lunch. They play and I watch tv until my lunch settles, then I "try" to workout to a dvd for about 30 minutes. I ask the twins to play in their playroom in the basement so I can take a shower down there. Then we run errands or play until 3:30 when Zach gets home.
3:30-4:30 - Zach does his homework and I straighten up or something. What do I do? Maybe this can be my blog time. Or my God time - I am also trying to fit a Bible Study in here some where. So far I do this at night. (while I am working, sssshhhhh)
If it is nice out, we usually go outside at 4:30 until close to dinner time. Then I come in to make dinner, we eat close to 7 and we all watch tv and/or play until 8:30 when the twins and I go upstairs to get ready for bed. I go to sleep around 9 pm and get up at 12:20 am to start all over.
There are a few blogging spots in that routine. Also, I can blog from my phone and I have done so a few times:) It is just not as easy as using a real keyboard at a computer.
My weekend is: a smaller nap sat morning, then too tired to do anything the rest of the day!
Sun morning Church than too tired to do anything else, and Mon morning I scramble to do laundry, housework, WW meeting and everything I didn't do all weekend:)
And now my weekend begins again... Enjoy the weekend everyone!


Leena said...

Wow!!! You are very busy and still had time to read all that lastnight? Thank you for your comments btw :) You have a beautiful family Peggy, and I only hope that one day, I too will have my own family to blog about. I want to turn my "I will Survive" blog into "Look at me now with my German friend" blog :) It's great to be back on Blogger!!!

Angel said...

I am tired just reading your schedule! You didn't even mention all the cleaning, laundry, cooking and errands you run while chasing around twin 3 yr olds. I know you take them outside too. You wear me out! If I told you my schedule you would gasp! LOL

Not So Simply Single said...

How do you get it all done? Being a Mom is a mystery to me. Bravo for being a shining example...