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Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'm back!

Where was I? Well, right here of course! Just busy and crazy as always. Atho sometimes I get some extra time.. and I use it to do absoutely nothing. I have been working A LOT!! So much, that when I receive a normal paycheck, it is way too small. Sadly, all of my OT pay has gone to bills and I am still not yet caught up. I think i will be in a couple weeks tho. Just in time for the very expensive month of May!! All my babies have birthdays coming up:) Speaking of my babies, my oldest handsome son will be Baptized on April 10th! I am so pleased with his desires to follow Christ and live his life as a Christian. I'm looking forward to all our tears of joy that sweet afternoon!

This is where I am usually sitting every afternoon - weather permitting. On the front porch, watching the kids play. The twins are old enough to not want to wander off now. But I still sit outside for the most part cause I worry. I have had Zach watch over them from time to time if I am doing chores in the house. I notice they come in and out so often, asking to use the potty, have a drink, have a snack, tattle on someone.... Sheesh!

Every year around tax time, we do some home improvements. This year we bought some more windows - so now every window in the front is new. We also painted the shutters and doors black. I absolutely love the new look!!! A huge part of our tax return went into the roof over the garage. We HAD to replace it. We used a new style of shingles so if you look closely, they don't match the roof over the main part of the house. I tried to pick a color that was close so it doesn't look so obvious. Next year, we will do the rest of the roof. We HAD to replace the roof over the garage because there was a leak that went straight into the family room. Turns out it was in really bad shape up there. The previous owners had tried to patch up all the boo boos with tar. Nice.

As you may know, we had a touch of beautiful weather here in the East side. We played outside a lot! Now that Spring is officially here, it has decided to go back to being cold and dreary. What a TEASE! Come back sunshine!

All of the playground pictures above were taken on St Pattys Day. I just love B & Fs matching "peas" shirts. They have a lot of spring/summer clothes bought from their Nana that they will be able to wear through the summer and then they will have outgrown all the clothes bought by Nana. I miss my Mother in-law so much, it hurts. I love dressing the kids in clothes she bought. I will hate to have to give them away:( It will seem so final.

This is Brandon & Faith today. I admire the way they play together every day. They fight too, don't get me wrong, but then they go back to playing. They have reached a stage where they entertain eachother and I can do other things!! Of course I still do things with them. But it is nice to do some stuff for myself. I met a new friend and started a Beth Moore Bible study.
A Bible study can change your life! Really! If you are feeling lost, overwhelmed, stressed or just not right. Do a Bible study. You can do it with friends or even by yourself online or with workbooks. God will speak to you through your study. It is AMAZING! I have cried and laughed. Burdens have been lifted. I feel so alive! My plan is to always have a study to do. Already planning on the next study to be on marriage. Your spouse is your # 1 and you should strive to make time with your spouse and focus on your love. There is always room for improvements:)

So my first post in 3 weeks is looking kinda sappy. LOL Hey, blogs are virtual diaries. I can write whatever I want! I promise to shake things up a little soon. Time to go buy my growing preteen a pair of cheap shoes. Mens size 9. Really?!?!!! And that is why I am buying cheap. I buy good name brand shoes at the beginning of the school year. Well, his growing skis, I mean feet, have broken through the toes of those shoes. So cheapo shoes until next school year.

Until next time dear friends!

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Angel said...

Nice to see a blog post! With pics of you too! :-) LOVE you! This is the way I keep up with my godchildren and best friend so I miss your updates! :-)