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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Valentine's Day

We had a nice Valentine's day! I bought the kids some cards, candy and a small gift for each.
Bought hubby some new shoes which he needed. Hubby bought me a champagne glass set with votive holders and rose petals which I in turn used for a romantic dinner that evening. I made baked ziti and parmesan crusted chicken breasts. We had diet coke in our champagne glasses♥
Dinner was nice, even with our 3 kids running around the dining table and throwing rose petals every where.

THIS glass is also from hubby. Kinda. You see, I have always wanted one of these hand painted wine glasses. I like the ones from Hallmark by Lolita. They have a great "Mommy's time out" glass. Too cute! However, those glasses are $30. Pretty expensive for 1 glass. Knowing me, I would break it. While shopping at Walgreens for the kids' things, I found this glass for $6!!! So I bought it and told Scott "thank you". I think when I have time, I am going to try and paint my own. If it works out, maybe I can make some for gifts!

Amazingly, the kids all ate their small boxes of chocolate right away.

Brandon's gift was a new Marvel t shirt that talks! The "Marvel" tag in the lower corner actually has a button inside. It says thinks like "I am a super hero". The shirt came with a Hulk truck. All for $8 on sale at Kohls:) Brandon still likes Thomas, but his latest love is super heroes. Both Marvel and DC comics!
A great friend of the Webbs volunteered to babysit so we can go on a date. We rescheduled the date from last Saturday to today! So later today I will be out having a wonderful time with my husband. ♥♥♥


Sandra said...

Awww, so you had a terrific Valentines Day. I'm totally jealous!...but jealous in a good way, not the mean spirited way. :)
Your daughter looks so funny with that little look on her face after polishing off all the chocolate. I bet that's exactly what I look like!

Not So Simply Single said...

Soooo sweet! I love the pictures! What a fabulous valentines day!
Good for YOU!

For you, life is good, huh?

Have a nice weekend!