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Friday, February 4, 2011

Reasons to be Happy This Week :)

I Love my Office
Had a little mishap with the house this week. I guess we have or had some snow on the roof and on one warmer day earlier in the week, we noticed 4 different drips of water coming from the frame of the entrance to our family room. Lovely! We KNOW we can not afford a roof repair or replacement right now, not even an insurance co-pay if our insurance covers this. The leak is slow enough that I have been able to control any damage to the floor with towels. As soon as we receive our tax refund (which we have filed) we can call a roofer to asses the problem.
None of this matches the title of this post, what I mean to say is altho this junk is going on, I am happy because I focus on the good things from the week:)
1. Lost 2 lbs
2. I finished the laundry
3. Cleaned 2 floors of the house on Tuesday
4. Caught up with my work
5. Watched new episodes of Gray's Anatomy and Private Practice!
6. Received Christmas pkgs from my best friend and mailed out hers:)
7. My family made me smile again and again!


Angel said...

So glad you are happy! :-)

Angel said...

SLACKER! No new blog posts????

Not So Simply Single said...

Congratulations on losing two pounds! That rocks!