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Saturday, February 19, 2011

My New Phone

I remind myself of Jessica Simpson in this video. Remember how ditzy she was in Nick & Jessica a few years back? That show was hilarious! Any way, I was so excited I completely forgot what my Keurig machine was called. It only gets worse from there. We were driving to Berkley Springs WV to visit family on Christmas, and I was playing with my phone so we missed our turn. We ended up getting lost going to a place I have been driving to for the last 13 years or so. Wow!
A cool part of the day was the presentation of my gift:) Don't remember if I blogged about it? Probably not as I have been a bloggy slacker. We did Christmas at home and all got into the truck to go to WV. We were already running late. Scott only had like 1 bar left on his phone and I suggested we turn it off for emergency use only. I had not had a phone since I left mine in AZ back in August. Then Scott picks up his phone (as he is driving) and says he needs to call his friend to wish him a Merry Christmas. I started nagging at him saying he will kill his phone battery, that they talk for too long, etc... when I heard a ringing sound coming from inside the truck. I found in my car door my new phone:) I picked it up and started to scream, then Zach started to scream and we both cried a little. I wanted that phone so bad but knew we didn't have the money for it. Hubby found a good deal!

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