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Friday, February 4, 2011

My First Baby

My first born. He will be 12 in a few months and boy is he turning my hair gray. He is currently grounded - for reasons I won't mention. Today ends the 1st week of his 2 week restriction. He is doing his time well. I have to admit, I have enjoyed having him here with me every day. once the 2 weeks are over, he will be outside or at a friends house all the time again. (actually, he is grounded from going into friends houses for a month, but I bet he will go out in the cold just to be outside) Zach is such a sweet and smart boy. He makes me laugh a lot. He is also so hyper sometimes, it shocks me!! I guess its a boy thing, also a bored thing. Today he came home with his first semester grades. Mostly As and 2 Bs. So although he bounces off the walls at home and I have to repeat myself SEVERAL times and sometimes with a raised voice, he must be good and focused in school.
One more thing about my dear son... I prayed to God one night to help me with Zach. Help me to keep him on the right path and make good choices. Soon after my prayer, we were at Church and I was told the youth minister wanted to talk to me. I had never met the youth minister and neither had Zach. Zach does attend a 5th/6th grade class in Church every Sunday, but it is not lead by the youth minister. When I finally caught up with the youth minister, I was advised that "someone" had paid for Zach to go to an upcoming teen Christian convention. To go for the weekend is pretty pricey and I had not even considered it before as it is not a good time for us financially. To hear the news that my son's trip was paid for and he is going ... literally took my breathe away!! I was in the clouds the rest of the day. Do you know the feeling? I can't explain it. I wish I could thank this person who paid. What a gift! I thanked God that night for an answered prayer. I know Zach will get a lot out of this experience. God is Amazing:)


Angel said...

Ah... I love that kid!!! Give Zach a big hug for me!!

Not So Simply Single said...

Ahh...Boys will be boys!

Gotta say, that picture makes him look like the star in Harry Potter. Has anyone else told you that?