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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Weight Watchers Breakfast

Pumpernickel toast lightly buttered, vanilla yogurt and strawberries. 5 points :) 


Not So Simply Single said...

This looks pretty good. Weight watchers helped me a few years back lose 10 pounds....I liked meetings and the support they give. I also did it online.

Then I turned 50 and menopause set in...UGH. 15 pounds crept up and took over my hips.

I surrender!I gave up wheat and sugar, and eat three meals and two snacks. Lots of food and lost 15 without really trying. My body does well eating Ezekial bread, which is sprouted wheat not wheat flour. I also buy pasta made from rice flour which doesn't seem to stick to my hips.

Ugh, the battle of the bulge continues!

Good luck to you!


Angel said...

I love pumpernickel and of course the strawberries look good. Are they fresh? It is hard to find strawberries that are good this time of year. BUT what would I have in place of the yogurt? Yuck. :-)