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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blogging from the Couch

I am blogging from the couch today per the suggestion of my best friend. Is she desperately searching for something to read? Or she could be helping me to keep another new years resolution going of "blogging more". Both Angel and myself promised to blog more and she has been doing a good job. I need to step it up! Well, sadly, there is nothing exciting going on. In fact, 4 of us are sick with a cold or something. Brandon started, then me, Scott and Faith. Faith has a fever and just wants to lie on the couch. Fine by me, I want to be on the couch too. I am working a 7 night straight week this week and I have 3 more nights to go. Hope I don't get any worse than I am now. (headache, sore throat, naseau) I have to work no matter what! On a side note, Angel and I have been teaming up to lose weight together. Angel works out a lot harder than I do, but I am getting better.   Both of us are losing weight and we are inspiring each other! I hope skipping today doesn't throw me all off.
Well I am off to look for the thermometer. Faith's head is burning up even after I gave her medicine 40 minutes ago. :/ 

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Not So Simply Single said...

Ugh, being sick is brutal! I am sick right now and the world as I know it stops.

Being single and sick really sucks because there is no one to feed the cats when you don't feel like dragging your butt out of bed!

Hope everyone gets better!