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Friday, November 28, 2008


Our Thanksgiving was wonderful, although a bit short:) We arrived at Nana and Grandpa's house (Scott's parents) a little after 5. Scott's brothers were there along with his Aunt and Uncle. I had so many pictures planned! That's right - I PLAN some pictures. But you know what happens when you plan? You don't get those pictures:) I wanted pics of Nana and Grandpa with the kids and I wanted someone to take a picture of our little immediate family too. Dinner was ready soon after we got there. Dinner was DELICIOUS!! Scott's mom had set the most beautiful table. We sat in the kitchen since we have the twins and didn't have portable seats for them. We had to close the double doors of the two entry ways of the kitchen to try and keep Brandon and Faith with us. We thought they would want to stay with us since we had FOOD. But, it is just so exciting to go to Nana's house and explore. We were chasing after Brandon and Faith from the moment we arrived! If it hadn't been for Scott's Dad, I don't know when I would have made a plate for myself. He made a plate for me, and he did a wonderful job! Zach sat at the formal table and he really enjoyed himself. Scott and I rushed a few bites at a time while we took turns jumping up to chase after Brandon and Faith. You see, they could open those double doors and they also had access to the family room and would run completely around the house and sometimes upstairs. It was hard enough to eat, much less carry a conversation. We laughed and said "Happy Thanksgiving" to each other! After we ate, we were a bit frazzled and Scott's allergies were bothering him a bit. I had worked the night before and had to work again the night so we decided it was best for us to leave. We are able to relax a little when we are in our own child proof home with the baby gates keeping our very active toddlers contained:) It was still nice to see every one even tho I feel I didn't get the chance to really "visit". I wish I had a plate of leftovers to eat today! YUM!

Here are the kids at the piano:) They ALL love the piano!

Here is the beautifully decorated table.

The yummy turkey!

I caught a video clip of some piano playing

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pooh fan said...

Yummm... the turkey looks so good. Zach, Brandon and Faith are so cute playing the piano.