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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Waiting...Waiting....Waiting for the Cable Guy

What is with cable guys? Our window was 9-12. It is after 12 - no cable guy! I am about to call. The tv is not working in the basement. We think it needs its own connection. I am absolutely beat! SO tired! I am really looking forward to the 1:00 nap. You know what is going to happen... the cable guy will show up during nap time.

Since I am so tired, I have been playing with the babies on the floor.

Say CHHEEEESE Chunky Monkeys!

Zach has been upstairs playing Zelda. It's a lazy day for all! We have to go to Zach's school on Friday so he can take some "placement" tests to see which class he should be in. Fun! What will I do with the babies? I guess stroll around and around and around....


Angel W said...

I love the pic of you with the babies on the floor! But are those your glasses laying there? You should be wearing them, Silly!
Our cable guy was late as well when we had it hooked up. And I was disappointed to find out we paid for digital cable but can only have it on one TV? AND while I am complaining about the cable.... I had to sign a TWO YEAR agreement. Geesh!

pooh fan said...

Everyone is so cute in the photos! I like the overhead shot of you and the babies.

It seems to be a common problem with the cable company. I also had an appointment this past Sat. but they were late. I had to call to cancel because I had other plans assuming they would show up within the time frame quoted.