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Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Productive Day! (Wednesday)

All of our "contract" work is finished! It is now safe to use the basement! YAY! First thing was first, I put the play room together. (ok, I threw all their toys in there, not like I decorated or anything) Now that I have a place to contain these little cute monsters, I can do the rest of the basement.

Zach reads a story.

The den! Wow, It is so nice to have space between the pieces of furniture. They were all touching eachother in our townhouse. I will need Scott's help to put the entertainment center and tv in here.

Ummmm, the cute little monsters did NOT stay in the play room!

Feel the burn, Zach!

My scrapbook room:) *DREAMY* So, I realized today, that I have my own little room to scrapbook in, and I have these great tables and corner shelves - but NO CHAIR!!!!

Maybe there will be time to scrap this weekend?? Well - we are not unpacked yet. I am the type of person that needs everything clean and in it's place before I will reward myself with scrapbooking. And that, my friends, is why I am over a year behind!


Purple Patti said...

I want to come and see your house so bad. It looks beautiful. I can't wait to see it. Thanks so much for having Sam over for a few weeks. He had a lot of fun. Miss you lots and see you soon.

Greg & Joanna said...

I think that's so cool that you guys have a basement. That's rare in AZ. We would love one of those. Your house is so beautiful, how awesome that you have a whole room to yourself!

jennbecc said...

The place looks really great.....and REALLY BIG! I'd chew my arm off for some space!! Congrats!