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Saturday, August 16, 2008

My New Love


Ok, after my 3rd trip to the new Super Target located 4 miles away, I decided it is worthy of it's own blog post. I have been a Target lover for years, but this Super Target is incredible in every way!
1. I can do my grocery shopping (at very reasonable prices) and shop for anything else my heart desires all in the same store.

2. There is a Starbucks inside! A complete one with tables, not just a stand.

3. It is HUGE

4. The BEST part - the shopping carts. I will have to take a picture next time I am there. They are awesome! They have 2 seats with great over the shoulder and waist straps for the little ones. The seats are separate from the cart so you still have a complete shopping cart with your typical baby seat in front. Therefore - Super Target shopping carts are not only twin friendly, but TRIPLET friendly! Not even Costco can say that!

WARNING: Too much exposure to Super Target could cause marital problems.


Greg & Joanna said...

I love our Super Target too. We are there a lot! It's funny because the outside of your Target looks SO different from ours. And I love the Starbucks inside, it came in handy when during the newborn stage when there wasn't a lot of sleeping going on.

Angel W said...

JEALOUS again. We don;t have a Target here let alone a SUper target. Whoa is me.