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Monday, August 25, 2008

More Weekend Visitors - and Shamu the Baby Gate

My dear dear friends and former neighbors, Marsha and family, came over Sunday evening to see the house, have dinner and bring over our bench and a table they were giving us. It was SO super great to see Marsha! I missed her so much! (just after a month) We had such a nice visit. I didn't take any pictures because I spent all my time talking her ears off. Zach had a great time playing with Chelsea again. Just like old times!

This is the table and chairs Marsha gave us. We have it in the loft along with a couch and recliner she also gave us. This table is going to be perfect for board games. I have pretty much made the loft our game room/story time room. I keep all of our board games and children's books in here. I thought it would be convenient to have story time in the loft just before putting Brandon and Faith to bed as their room is located right next to the loft. So far, when I try to read a story, they try to take the book from me or they take off to look for something else to do!

Marsha brought over a HUGE bag of partylite candles! She used to sell partylite candles and still has quite a bit of candles left. So, Marsha asked me to pick out some candles I liked! I really tried not to be greedy, but it was hard:) I am now pretty set with candles for a while. Thank you Marsha!! What a wonderful gift!

Today, Zach and i decided to break in our new "game" table and we played chutes and ladders. I used Zach's stuffed whale as a baby gate:) This lasted for a while. Then Brandon really wanted to go to the other side, so he climbed right over!

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Angel W said...

Cool! I love candles. I realized when we moved that I need to burn them and not just collect them. LOL I am so glad you blog daily. It's like we actually talk every day. Know what I mean?