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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Let the Home Improvements Resume!

Good news! Our electrical problems can be fixed without sending us to the poor house AND without tearing up the walls. We are having some electrical work done tomorrow. Circuits rebuilt and things rewired?? I don't know the specific details. I just know our house will be safe when the work is complete! So, since the electrical work is going to be done, the painting resumed. Yesterday we had contractors here to work on the kitchen and basement. We decided to leave for the day to give them space. Here are some before pictures:

We went out for the day ~ we went to breakfast, then we went through DC to get to some neighborhood in MD, just to buy a surprise that Scott found on Craig's List! It was a pretty cool surprise:)

We came home around 4 and found most of the work had been completed:)


Our "den" or media room as I am calling it. (excuse the spots - I guess they were on my camera)

Rest of the basement

My scrapbook room

The play room

The kitchen!! I chose the color "brick dust" to go with all of my coffee decor I have been collecting:)

I guess the basement needs 2 more days of work. The kitchen needs some finishing touches too. Next weekend we will be putting everything in it's place in the basement. YAY!


Angel W said...

Nice colors!!! I can't wait to see!

Katie said...

LOVE the brick dust! I had a color just like that in my town house living room. I love bold colors-- not the builder's beige! ;)