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Thursday, August 7, 2008

I can't believe this is our neighborhood!

Tonight when Scott came home from work, we decided to take a walk. Just down the sidewalk is the start of a paved path that goes over this little wooden bridge and then goes throughout this community. The path splits off and turns every which way. One direction goes to Zach's school. It is SO cool. It is like the neighborhood was built around this wooded area with the paved path. There are honeysuckle bushes! I love honeysuckles. Here are some pics I took.. it is really pretty back there.

Here is the beginning of the path and the 1st little playground. I would say the path starts about 5 houses down from us.

Bran and Faith are in their pjs:)

I LOVE weeping willow trees!

The 2nd playground we came to has more to do for toddlers. Brandon crawled off the lot into the grass and was rolling around. It was cute.

STILL not liking the swings mom!

I LOVE to swing!


This path is going to be great for walks and to get some exercise. Zach loves it too!


jennbecc said...

Neat path! Who wouldn't want to walk there!?!

pooh fan said...

Very nice walking path. I would have to drive several miles to find something that nice.

Purple Patti said...

I want to go there. It looks so beautiful. When I come there, we can walk to it too. I wish I had someplace like that around my neighborhood. Maybe that park is included in the price of your house. LOL!!!!!!

Braedan's World said...

Wow! I am jealous.... how beautiful! I am so happy for you guys.