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Monday, August 11, 2008

Faith is Walking! (As of 8/1/08)

Faith started walking on August 1st. I haven't had the chance to post this video until now. Her legs are a bit far apart and she doesn't bend her knees, but I know she will get better with time. One great thing is she continues to get back up and try again after she falls!

Brandon walks ALL the time now. It is so cute to see him walking all over the house:) The sad thing is, I will have to separate them at Church now. Brandon will have to move on to the walkers room. They don't want walkers in the nursery for the other babies' safety. They haven't told me to move him yet, but yesterday he walked up to the door when he saw us there to pick him up! I bet they have the talk with me next Sunday.


Angel W said...

So happy you posted videos today. We really need a "catch-up" conversation on the phone! Let's schedule a time!

Katie said...

SOO cute! And she never gave up-- kept on truckin' along. Go, Faith, go! ;)