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Friday, August 22, 2008

Almost Time for School!

We went to Zach's new school this morning so he could take his placement tests. He thinks he did well. I am sure he did, he is a pretty smart kid! (VERY VERY smart, but I don't want to brag LOL) I am funny about posting info about my son's school because I don't want some internet weirdo to track him down. I did take a picture of the playground. This will be the BEST playground Zach has had thus far. This will actually be his 4th school! 2 of Zach's previous schools were brandy new. His 1st school was built in 72. Well, THIS school started out in 1893!! This is a true historical site. It started as a vocational school, then became a high school in 1938. It then became a Middle School in 1977. Thirteen years later, the school was renovated and reopened as an elementary school. I think it's kinda cool! Zach just thinks its "old".

Ok, so once at the school, they took Zach back for testing. I said I would walk my babies around and come back and check on him. So, I checked out the "historical" grounds. They actually have a memorial set up with informational ..ummm.. statues ? No, Podiums? What am I trying to say here? Well, you know. It was a memorial with stuff to look at. LOL We walked around, found a bench and I fed Bran and Faith some cereal. After 30 minutes, I got hot and decided to go back in. Know how I have been saying how over the top nice everyone is around this area??? Well, there was a group of people talking outside as I strolled towards the front doors. I saw a woman walk towards the door just before me and I just KNEW she was going to be nice and open the door for me and my huge double stroller. Awww, how sweet! I get closer and closer and just as I am about to reach the door and tell her thank you - she opens the door and goes on in letting the door CLOSE behind her!!! WHAT THE?!?!?!?! We were so close that the door closing about hit the front wheel of the stroller! (or Brandon) Then I felt embarrassed - as there was still a large group of people outside and I was going to have to struggle to get the door open and get the stroller inside. I opened the door and started to pull the front of the stroller in when another woman came to my rescue. I thanked her a lot! So I guess not every one is nice. LOL

To make up for the above mishap, once inside I started talking to another woman waiting in the office. Come to find out, she lives in our neighborhood really close by! In fact, I drive by her house every day. She has an 11 yr old son and an 8 yr old daughter. We exchanged numbers and emails and have already emailed each other making plans. I made a new friend. YAY! Through her I should meet other women of this neighborhood. In fact, a group of women get together and play bunco! I have never tried the game, but am willing. Of course, I don't have the best time schedule in the world, but I am sure I can squeeze in some me time some where.
It was a good day!


Angel W said...

I LOVE bunco! It's hard to get into a group as they always seem established. You should definitely play!!!
I've gotten all of the boxes in my stamp room unsealed. What a task. Wish you were here to help me. :-)

Anonymous said...

We have a womens group out here that plays bunco, it is so much fun! Christina