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Saturday, August 16, 2008

14 Month Appointment (ok, 12 month appt 2 months late)


Weight - 26 lbs 14 ozs (sheesh, he feels at least 30 to me!)
Height - 31.75"
HC 20.5" - 100% percentile - still a big head!


Weight - 25 lbs
Height - 31"
HC 18.5"

Both Brandon and Faith are doing well! There was a concern about how many words they are using, so we were given a list of early intervention programs to contact in case the language doesn't pick up. (so I guess my "friend" was correct in saying that, but still rude to come into our home and say all those things about our babies!)
We will wait a few weeks before calling for an evaluation. The dr said they may start saying more in the next few weeks.
Faith still has yucky eczema! We need to keep doing what we are doing.
The babies had their 12 mnth shots yesterday:( Scott wasn't there, but I had Zach there to help. I don't think he ever wants to come to another "shot" appointment again! This was by far the worse of them all. Faith especially. She was UPSET! She cried all the way to the car - in the car - all the way to Super Target. Thankfully, she was pretty happy once we got to Super Target. I mean - who wouldn't be?? Super Target is AWESOME!!!!!

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Angel W said...

poor faith. I am glad she cheered up at the store!