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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Worried Sick

I have been feeling sick to my stomach. I guess I couldn't handle the kids and working like I said I could. I called in sick last night and 4 hours of the night before! I am not getting my normal amount of rest while Scott is gone. Also, my stress level could be making me feel sick. (Angel, I know you know how it feels ! I have been praying for your house to sell every night!) Packing up to the last minute while taking care of 2 toddlers - hey, that's small potatoes. The big stress is coming from last minute scares of our buyer having financial troubles at the LAST MINUTE! If something happens, and he can not buy the house on Monday, then we lose our house. Plus our large "good faith" check and a lot of other $$$ we put in to different things up front! There is just so much $$ that will be lost, but more importantly, we will lose our house:(
If you could say a little prayer for us, I would appreciate it. Love to all!


Angel W said...

Don't worry, girl!!! I do think you would get your Good Faith check back if anything fell through though.
Yes, I am worried sick. It's starting to effect me I think. I am crying and upset a LOT. And I don't feel good. We are staying here in GA for another week longer than we were going to so we can save a little money. Kevin applied for a loan so we can pay off some of our mortgage and get iour house price down. That's stressful.

Christy said...

Everything will work out. You have to have a little faith and you have one of those. Dont let it get you sick cause that wont be good for anyone. If momma aint happy no one is. Love ya.

jennbecc said...

I'll keep you in (and Angel too) in my thoughts that everything goes well for both your houses! Chin up!

Dawn said...

I am sorry to hear that. I will pray for you that everything goes ok. I hope it all works out for you. I am sure it will.

Greg & Joanna said...

Ohh, that would stress me out too Peggy. I will be keeping you in my prayers. I remember going through the whole house selling & buying and feeling like a I wanted to tear my hair out. It will all be okay!