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Monday, July 14, 2008

Packed B & F's Room

We packed up Brandon and Faith's room today and I thought it might be fun to push their cribs together. I just put them down for a nap, so this will be a good test to see if they can sleep or if they will just play. (So far, I can hear them playing)

Ooooh, what does your crib taste like?

Psssst!! Brandon, over here!

Brandon! Come up here!

Listen, why don't you throw all of your blankets and toys into my crib, and I will hold onto them for you!


lending said...
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Jill said...

Cute Peggy! They looks like they are good friends! Isn't that a fun part of twins!

Katie said...

This sounds like a good solution to the throwing of everything in the crib onto the floor-- just push them together. They would definitely hold onto their toys if they knew the other one would get it!

Good luck with the packing and the move. I know that it can be overwhelming, but you'll do it!!