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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Overwhelmed Once Again!

Well I just dropped hubby off at the airport:( I will have plenty to do to fill the time until he comes home. I am starting to feel panicked. Frantic - overwhelmed. I don't know the right word for how I feel. I am very on edge. I have to get a lot done to feel better. Sometimes I look around and think we are doing pretty well, ahead of schedule. But other times I think we are WAY behind!! When I think of closets that I have not emptied yet, storage, the kitchen, my scrapbook stuff (I believe that will fill a large box), I still have to take the curtains and rods down. EEEEEK!!!! So, with that being said, today and tomorrow I am going to work even harder to get things done!
Some other news .. we have been searching for a desk or office suite for the office in the new house. Right now, I work in the dining room at a small computer armoir. We found a great office set on Craig's List! It is so beautiful and matches the cherry wood floor. These are pics from Craig's List, so this is in someone else's house with someone else's stuff:)
A computer desk with hutch and also a writing desk. There are 4 matching file cabinets some where in there. I have no idea what we will do with 4 file cabinets, but I am sure we will fill them with something! They will help me to get organized. That is my goal before the end of this year. To keep all of our important documents in one place!

These are 2 hutches that are pictured together, but I don't think they are attached. We may keep one in the office and put one upstairs. Or maybe both upstairs. Hubby has hundreds of books so I am sure if they were in our room he would fill them.

The couple selling this set were very nice and said we could wait til after we move to come get it if we want. We might pick it up on Friday though.

Ooh I hear Brandon and Faith. They wake up around 7:30 am every morning and I work until 8:30 every morning. Sometimes they entertain themselves until 8:30 which is great! Sounds like they are just talking to each other right now. I hope they are in a playful good mood today! They can play while I pack. Then I hope they are super super tired at 1 and take a 3-4 hour nap, so I can nap too. LOL Without Daddy here, I have to wait for B & F to nap before I can nap. Maybe I can put them to bed at 8:30 tonight. Give myself an extra 30 minutes. (which I will spend lying awake stressing)

Have a great day!


Suzanne said...

OK, CALM down :) Focus on EACH space. You can do this :)

Also, LOVE the new look!

Dawn said...

We went through this a month ago when we moved. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I couldn't do much though because of being pregnant. You seem to be way ahead of schedule and thats great.