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Saturday, July 5, 2008

New Furniture for the New House!

We went furniture shopping yesterday and today. We went to like 4-5 different stores and ended up at Value City furniture where we bought the furniture we have now. We think we are going to put our current liv room set in the basement in our new place.

Here is what we bought: This will go in the family room with the fireplace and my hutch!
This table will go in the formal living rm (we purchased a liv rm set on Craig's list for that rm)
OK, now for my FAVORITE piece!! Something I have been pricing and wishing for since we 1st started house hunting!

This will go in my office:) BTW: my chaise lounge is a sage green color. I couldn't find a picture of that color. The sofa and table above is exactly what we purchased:)
We are becoming so so so broke. Once we move in, we will be there in the house for at least a year like hermit crabs!


Angel W said...

I like the chaise lounge!!!!

Courtney said...

Very nice! Enjoy!