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Friday, July 11, 2008

New Appliances! Wowza!

I know I keep talking about saving $$$ and being broke or "house poor".. which we WILL be.. but Scott sold his bike today, and the house needed some new appliances. (OUR house we are moving into!) We bought a front loading washer & dryer:) Always thought they were cool. I wanted some funky color, but did you know it cost over $100 more just for a color other than white?!?! So, white it is!!



Oh how I have always wanted a side by side fridge with a water/ice dispenser! And a stainless steel was my dream fridge. Well, we went with a "Clean Steel" which has a stainless "look" but it resists fingerprints and smudges. And I heard that stainless captures a lot of fingerprints! I figured ours would always have smudges with the toddlers, so this was a good buy. Plus it was cheaper:)

OMG!!! We are moving in 11 days. I am excited and freaking all at the same time! This cuts into my sleep. I get a couple 3 hour naps a day and now I find myself lying awake the 1st hour thinking of all the stuff we need to do or how I am going to decorate. I am a zombie!! I totally gave up my nap today. I did some phone business, contacting companies and making appointments for people to come over and hook up everything. I pretty much have everyone coming in the same day!! But that's ok, that is better than having people come over for something every day of the 1st week we are there.

Also, *sniff sniff*, my dear hubby will be going to Idaho on business for 3 days next week:( All 3 days are days I work. So, I will be a single, full time working mom. Wait, I have been that before... but this time with 3 kids!!! EEEEK! I can do this. I am sure it will fly by!!! Or drag on.. don't know. I tend to get hysterical when we are apart. But it has been years since we were apart and a lot has changed. Lets see if I am any calmer this time:)


Katie said...

Getting appliances is so fun. I can't believe the extra price for color washer/dryer. That's unbelievable! What a smart move to get the smudge-proof fridge. We have regular stainless fridge and dishwasher and they are covered in all the time!

Angel W said...

FUN! Did you see toploading washer and dryers? Our neighbors have those and I was wondering how much those are. they are easier on the back.
Congrats on the new appliances!