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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Last Walk to Shopping Center

I had some errands to run at the shopping center today, so we decided we would walk for the last time while we live here! Believe me - that was the LAST time! It is SOOOO hot out! I had to fax some house stuff at the postal place, pick up my contacts, and go to Harris Teeter to buy paper plates and cups. I am going to pack the kitchen today, so NO MORE DISHES in the sink!
I decided to let Bran and Faith ride the Harris Teeter dragon. Only one of them could fit in the seat, so Faith sat on the floor. Brandon LOVED it! Faith HATED it! This was all very unusual as it is usually the other way around with them. Brandon is scared of everything while Faith is a little daredevil.

Zach bought some disgustingly sweet big bubble gum balls. (I can't believe I liked those things when I was a kid)

Blow a bubble!

Good-bye shopping center! (At least on foot, I am sure I will drive there tomorrow for something!)

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