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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I Have to Share

I must interupt my work to share this with you all... (I have access to my blog at work again, YAY!)
Brandon was starting to fuss so I ran upstairs to help him.. I noticed Faith was still asleep. I quietly crept in.. Brandon was all happy, but getting louder with his happiness! I found his paci on the floor.. started to give it to him and he had the biggest smile and was flapping his arms up and down as if he was saying "YAY! You found my paci!" Then I waved bye and he waved bye as if he understood that it is not time to get up yet. I just get a warm sugary feeling all over when he smiles and waves. SO CUTE! Ok, back to work.


Anonymous said...

awe! how cute! lol . . .they are both growing up so fast ~Lucy~

jennbecc said...