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Saturday, June 28, 2008

What I Have Been Up To

What a silly girl! So much character!

What has everyone been up to? I am always crazy busy. I am behind in everything! Housework, packing, work, email, thank you cards, phone business (like calling all of our current services to give them a change/cancel date) and of course taking care of these BUSY energetic babies! (are they toddlers now? Cause they still look like babies!)
Brandon and Faith are still not walking yet. They don't feel comfortable unless they are holding on to something!
Faith is... um... cute and sweet but also devious, dramatic and MEAN!! She goes after anything that Brandon is playing. She still takes his paci. Tries to take off his nose. Makes him cry! Recently, she has starting biting and pinching. HARD! It hurts!! I have been trying to deal with this. She had bit me several times and then one day.. Brandon started crying pretty hard and I couldn't figure out why. Then I saw deep white teeth marks in his arm! I felt so bad. Because I didn't see it happen, I couldn't try to discipline Faith. I just comforted Brandon. 1 week later and you can STILL see the mark! Faith also screams and throws herself on her face (sometimes hurting herself) when she doesn't get what she wants. When she is ready to get out of her crib, she SCREAMS and cries so loud you would think she was hurt! As soon as you walk in, she smiles and says hi. SCARY!
I think Faith has egg allergies. Every time I feed them eggs, her face gets red and blotchy. She doesn't get sick or anything and it goes away later, but I think I have narrowed it down to eggs. So, no more eggs until I can have her tested for an allergy.
Brandon should be walking ANY DAY now! He sure looks like he wants to! He is always so happy. Always playful! Rarely cries unless he is hurt or Faith picks on him. He babbles a lot more now, trying out different sounds. For a long time he would just say "buh". Now he makes all sorts of sounds. He waves every time we enter a room. So cute! They are both so cute.
I have caught Brandon and Faith talking to each other from crib to crib in their room. Occasionally, they laugh at each other. Even though they take each other's toys, they are always together. In the kitchen, under their highchairs, by the toy box, walking along the couches... they must love each other!! I do think though that there will be some fighting:)
Some news about me.. I went to the eye dr to get new glasses and contacts! I wanted to go for a funkier look rather than my petite wire framed glasses. I will post a picture when they come in.
I wear glasses a lot more than contacts since I work from home and take naps at different times. I still like to wear contacts when I go out .. to any where other than running errands like the grocery store. I ordered transition lenses so my glasses will turn into sunglasses out in the sun. FUN! Scott doesn't know that yet.. let's see if he notices.
Something else cool about my appointment. My last appointment was in Jan 2007 when I was pregnant. I went to the same eye dr I had been seeing for years. That particular time, I saw a new dr they had in their office. He was younger and very knowledgeable. He left the practice soon after my appointment. - That was in a different city and county. So, I go to my appt yesterday and see my new dr. This was a place here in my neighborhood. He sees on my chart that I had been to the other place and he mentions he used to work there. After talking, we realized that HE was my dr in Jan 2007 at my last exam. WOAH! We both thought that was pretty cool. Plus, he is now part owner of a different location of that office and is located right by our new house! We agreed that we would transfer my family's records (we have all been there) to his main office by our new house. I really love coincidences like that.
Sorry for the long post! Have a great weekend!

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Angel W said...

ooohhh! I hope Faith stops biting and piching soon. I don't have any advice on that, but I am sure there are things you can try. She is very sharp! Let me know when they start walking. I miss them! And you!