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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lucky to Have Zach!

I have always felt lucky to have my Zach, ever since he was born:) I LOVE him so much!! I just really really appreciate his help since the twins were born! Since summer started, he has OFFERED to help many times without my asking. I don't know how I would handle having twins without Zach! I don't know how you other twin Mommys do it! People talk about going to the grocery store and having to push a stroller and a cart.. I just don't even stop to think about stuff like that. I have Zach to push the cart while I push a stroller. Or lately, we each push a cart and put a baby in the seat. Having Zach allows me to run upstairs to get something or do something really fast. He checks the mail for me. He brings me items that I forget to grab and then I need them on the spot! (like during a diaper change) He entertains the babies. They LOVE him and laugh big belly laughs!

The other night, Zach wanted to give them their bath. (I watched of course) He did an excellent job!

Zach wants to learn how to cook more. We have been cooking a lot together since summer started. I love to have Zach's company when I am out running errands. Even if we leave Bran & Faith home with Daddy.

Zach and I are looking forward to 'Hancock' coming out this July! (with Will Smith) We are going to go share some quality time together and share a big bucket of popcorn and a movie, just the 2 of us:)

Love You Zach!


Angel W said...

We love Zach too! He is a GREAT kid! My favorite kid in the world!

Jill said...

What a great mom! Great mom = great kid. :) Looks like Zack will be an awesome big brother and maybe someday wayyyyyy in the future a wonderful father. What a good mom to say such sweet things and acknowledge him!