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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Last Day of School!

Today is Zach's last day of the 3rd grade and his last day in the Loudoun County school system! (where he has been since kindergarten) I have been looking forward to this day right along with him, but instead I think we are both upset. You see, one of the class moms called last night to invite Zach to a pizza/pool party to celebrate the last day. She invited the whole class I think. She was asking for all the kids to ride her son's school bus home and then have parents pick up their kids at 6. Well, Zach can not swim. We have tried to teach him. He was in lessons last year but didn't make it far enough to be able to tread water or keep himself above the surface. So, until he learns how to swim, we just can not allow him to go to pool parties or any occasion with water if we are not going to be there. I really felt his disappointment. But it's for his own safety. I told him this morning that we will order pizza for dinner and do something to have fun tonight. Then on another day, we will go to the pool here.

I am sorry Zach! It is just because I Love You!

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