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Monday, June 16, 2008

The Concert! Our Adventure....

We had a great time at the concert! I went with my dear friend Sarah and her fabulous mom, Maureen. We went early to tailgate in the parking lot. We had lots of goodies and a big bucket of popeye's chicken. (oh, and lots of beer) 1st things first, we pulled into our spot as the staff navigated the cars in, and as soon as we come to a stop... SLAM!!!!! The car behind us hit us HARD! IN A PARKING LOT!!! What the??? Luckily, it didn't seem to do damage to Sarah's van, but she did get their ins info just in case. The guy claimed that he was not used to driving a standard and he hit the gas instead of the break or something like that. Hmmmmm. Ok, on to our fun....

Sarah and her mom, Maureen. Don't they look like mother and daughter? They talk alike and act alike also!! They are so cute.

Me n Sarah

Maureen made these adorable cookies! How perfect! She really thought of everything!

All of us:)

As I said above, we came with lots of food and drink. We planned on tailgating until 7 ish as the concert was scheduled to start at 7:30. However, cops were everywhere!! First they walked up to us and told us no alcohol on the premise. He said they could "see" our beer. I asked about the rest of the lot?? He said "whatever do you mean?" So, we read between the lines and poured our beer into cups. (we as in me and Sarah, Maureen does not drink) Then at 6:30, more cops came by and said it was time for all of us to go in. On a side note, I asked some of the cops if I could take a picture of them (because I knew I would blog about them) and they said no, in fear that I would put them on My Space! LOL!! So, we walked in at 6:30. We had to go potty any way and who likes to use those nasty porta pottys.

Inside, we found this guy. Hmmmm, remind you of anyone??? I had to take his picture. Out of respect, I asked his wife's permission:)

So, once inside, after buying some drinks, I realized I did NOT HAVE OUR TICKETS!!!!!! Yet, I had them to get us inside?? But I needed them again to get to our seats. So, off to guest services we went. The lady told me that it was my fault I lost my tkts and we would have to stand on the lawn!! I said that was UNACCEPTABLE as I paid for SEATS, not for the lawn. We argued and argued, and she agreed to reprint our tkts for an additional $15. Sarah took over and had my angry butt sit down while she paid the $15. Thank you Sarah!!

First, Halfway to Hazard opened up for Tim. They are pretty good, I have seen them twice before with Tim. But then JASON ALDEAN came out!! WA HOO! I have seen this man on CMT, and I likey!

Tim did not come out til 9:00!!! GEEEEZ! And he didn't do any grand entrance either. Maybe he was tired. I still love you Tim!

It was a pretty good concert, however, I have seen him do better. Maybe he was sad that he was "working" on Father's Day. Really, it all boils down to the fact that he has SOOOOOOOO many hit songs, and he can only sing so many in 1 concert. He sang a lot of his newest songs that have not come out yet, so that was good. He didn't sing "Don't Take the Girl" and he always sings that one. I was a little disappointed. But he did sing a lot of good oldies.

Sarah and her mommy in their seats

Me n Sarah in our seats... CHEESIN!

Here is a little clip of the best song of the night:)

'If You're Reading This' One of my new favorites!!


jennbecc said...

Glad you got your seat tickets reprinted but sorry the concert was not one of his best. At least you got out with some friends! :)

Angel W said...

Looks like you had fun! Hi Sarah!