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Sunday, June 1, 2008


Thank you for visiting! We miss you! Please upload photos on snapfish and share with us. I used your camera all week and never grabbed mine. Now I don't have photos to share to bloggy world!

I will try and post pictures of the babies in all their new outfits:)

We hope you had a safe trip home. I am sure your family was happy to have you back!

The babies are napping so I am FINALLY going to make Scott his cookies. LOL Sorry you will them.

Send Kevin and Katie our love!

Katie - Thank you SO much for the Tim calendar and book! That was SO thoughtful and I LOVE them dearly! Oh - 14 more days until his concert:) I will send you some pics!

Love you guys!

1 comment:

Angel W said...

I miss you guys too!!!!!!! I will get the pics uploaded for you. I promise!!